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Our services

Adhering to the service tenet of “pursuing 100% customer satisfaction”, our company has continuously improved the service system and strived to improve the service quality. For this reason, our company has established a service system that meets the ISO9001 service quality standard, and provides users with a comprehensive range of services. service.

Our company's service system is mainly composed of customer service call center, project management department, engineering department and other departments. In this project, our company will set up a special project team based on the actual situation of the user, giving maximum support and guarantee to the project in terms of personnel and technology.


1 Equipment failure maintenance

When a problem occurs with the device, diagnose, analyze, and resolve the problem.

2 Consulting services

Provide technical support services such as technical consultation to users free of charge. Including technical guidance for equipment management, assisting customers in making backup plans, improving work logs, computer room systems, and establishing operational rules.

3 high speed, high quality service

Our company undertakes one year of free maintenance on the equipment provided.

4 tracking service

Our company has established an active tracking service system. Even if the user does not call for maintenance, we will send a special person to regularly check the service to prevent problems before they occur and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.



1 Technical training services before equipment development

In order to enable Party A technicians and managers to have a macro concept of equipment, our company has set up a preliminary technical training service to introduce and train the user's principle of the equipment and the technical characteristics of the product.

2 On-site technical training services

In order to make the technicians of Party A familiar with the installation and debugging technology as soon as possible, our company will be responsible for training 3~4 Party equipment operators and management personnel during the installation and commissioning of the equipment, so that once the equipment is completed, Party A’s operation Managers can work independently.

3 Detailed technical training after the completion of the equipment

After the equipment is completed, train 2~3 equipment operation technicians and management personnel again so that they not only become familiar with the equipment operation, but also be familiar with equipment maintenance and related technologies. The main purpose of service and technology is to serve the long-term interests of customers, and also to make the equipment run more stably, so as to reduce the management costs and maintenance costs of customers.